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How do you keep your nails healthy and beautiful?

Steady nail care often results in healthy and beautiful nails. Our team at our nail salon in North Vancouver work hard so you can be proud to show-off your nails to your friends. Remember, first impression matters and your healthy and beautiful nails can make a good impression. Since maintaining healthy nails is important not only for beauty but also in providing a true portrait for your health, it is essential to spare some time taking care of your nails.

How much do you think about your nails? If you can only imagine the colour of paint to put on them, then you are missing out on a great deal of nail beautifying action. If your nail seems flaky, weak and prone to splitting, now is the best time to start giving them the attention they deserve. Here’s how to go about it:

Keep Clean Nails

If you can spare yourself some good time in the bathroom every day trying to clean your skin, then why not your nails? Since our hand, unlike every other part of our body goes through a lot of work daily, it should be no surprise that our nails can get a bit dirty or grimy. Look out for your nails daily to ensure that you remove any old polish or dirt thoroughly but gently. In cleaning your nails, you can make use of soap on a sponge or soft toothbrush plus an acetone-free remover and dry your nails properly.

Disinfect Nail Equipment

The last thing you will want is your nail getting infected as a result of the equipment you used on your nail. Properly disinfect or sanitize your equipment with a disinfectant to prevent contamination before each use.

Avoid removing your Cuticles

Understand that your cuticles are there for a reason. Cuticles serve as security against bacteria. It is preferable to soften them with the aim of an oil or cream. Avoid removing your cuticles.

File your Nails Perfectly

Now, when you file your nails in one direction can you enjoy a smoother finish, and you will even disallow the nail edges from undergoing much stress – of course! That can result in splitting. Filing in one direction can seem slow, but it’s worth the time.

Use a top and base coat

While you might be convinced that this step slows down your manicure, well, there are benefits attached to using a base coat. Aside from the fact that they protect your nails from staining, a good base coat conditions and protects your nails. Top coats prevent your nails from chipping – increase longevity.

Go Natural

Any treatment you might be giving to your nail, ensure that you give it moderately. It is unnecessary to be on artificial nails at all times, there is an option and that is to go natural. Do not leave artificial nails for too long so that you don’t end up damaging your nails.


Maintaining healthy nails is important not only for the beauty but also, provides a true portrait into your health, it is essential to spare some time taking care of your hand and feet nails. Here at Laque Nail Bar, we understand the importance of the beauty and healthiness of your nail, and have ready-made resources to meet the best of your nail needs.


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