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North Vancouver Pedicure and Manicure

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to get a manicure and pedicure in North Vancouver, but it can be hard to find professionals to bring out the perfect beauty in those nails. And making sure they don’t use harsh chemicals is important. It’s time you get the nail beauty that you deserve as we give you the best pedicure and manicure in North Vancouver.

Not only have we gathered the best highly skilled professionals, but we have also ensured that our customers get a good relaxing and modern atmosphere that attends to every individual need of our customers. Since we pride in the work that we do, we totally abstain from using harmful products that can leave behind the slightest form of danger to the nails and overall health of our customers.

We treat you like royalty because you are. Over time, we have been further motivated by our ever-positive customers and this has boosted our morale and approach towards offering you the best of North Vancouver Pedicure and Manicure. 

As we encourage our clients’ creative expression, we continuously task our creative minds so as to bring in new and perfect ideas that match our client’s expression and maintains our position in North Vancouver Pedicure. 

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Pedicure & Manicure in North Vancouver

North Vancouver Pedicure

Experience our pedicure service from skilled professionals. We do not only expose you to a better service, but we also ensure that you get comfortable through your time with us. Our chairs are completely noiseless and well accommodating.

Despite our technical know-how, we constantly take regular classes so as to ensure that quality is being made available to you in whatever service you request. Do not forget that your toenails are part of your complete beauty.  Depending on your category of choice, we offer pedicure services such as Classic pedicure, Express pedicure, Footsie pedicure, Hot stone pedicure, etc.

North Vancouver Pedicure

North Vancouver Manicure

A part of you that is easily noticeable is your fingers. How stylish you are can be showcased through those beautiful fingers you’ve got, provided that you know the right ‘”go-to.” All you need to do is spare us some time on your tight schedule and let’s put some beautiful smile on your nails. We make use of products that are zero percent (0%) dangerous or harmful to your nails.

North Vancouver Manicure

Wait! there is more…

The services we render are not only of good quality but also affordable. The necessary equipment and materials are set, our highly skilled staff are readily at your disposal, all you need is to say the word and we give you a perfect pedicure and manicure service. At Laque Nail Bar, the difference is what we deliver.

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